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We believe in the value and values of mentoring.”

Donation Catalogue

Make an investment today that will have a lifelong impact


Invest in starting something big ($25)

A $25 donation will provide the necessary training to start a new friendship.

  • Mentoring works! We know this through 94 years of experience. Mentors lead by example. They help inspire and empower youth to realize their true potential. At Big Brothers Big Sisters, we know that a gesture of friendship can make a life-long impact for a child. Screening and training volunteers is the start of something big. Click here to make an investment ...

Duncan and Steve - Photo Credit Barry Gray, The Hamilton Spectator


Invest in social, educational and recreational activities ($50)

A $50 donation will help fund an event for our SOAR group mentoring program.

  • Children can wait up to two years before they are matched with their Big Brother or Big Sister. SOAR (Social Opportunities Activities and Relationships) is a group mentoring program that was created to meet the needs of clients who are waiting to be matched one-on-one with a mentor. SOAR Members meet once a week and participate in pre-arranged social and recreational activities out in the community. The program runs in 12-week sessions. Click here to make an investment ...

Invest in a healthy lifestyle ($75)

Invest $75 to provide healthy snacks for our Go Girls! program

  • The Go Girls! Program promotes healthy bodies and healthy minds among its members. Its curriculum was developed to help adolescent girls navigate through a particularly challenging time in their development. Go Girls! encourages participation in physical activity, healthy eating choices, and the development of a positive self-image. This group mentoring program runs in seven week sessions at various Hamilton and Burlington schools. Click here to make an investment ...


Invest in literacy ($100)

A $100 donation will fill an In-School Mentoring Bin with activities and crafts for one school year.

  • The In-School Mentoring Program provides children with a mentor and friend to share the experiences of growing up with, within school grounds. Together, mentor and mentee participate in social, recreational and literacy-based activities for one hour a week.  Children in the In-School Mentoring Program have been recognized by an adult figure as having a need for a mentor. This Program takes place at nearly 40 local schools. Providing a local school with an In-School Mentoring Bin in the start of something big. Click here to make an investment ...

Invest in confidence ($500)

A $500 donation will support a match for half a year

  • Every child deserves a bright future. And, in order to achieve their true potential, each child needs someone who encourages them and believes in them - someone who helps them believe in themselves. Consistent positive mentoring relationships help instil children with confidence and self-esteem. Furthermore, studies show that children who respect themselves are less likely to commit - or permit - acts of bullying. Click here to make an investment ...





Invest in true potential

A donation in the denomination of your choice will help support true potential

  • At Big Brothers Big Sisters, we believe every child deserves to achieve their true potential. Mentoring helps to create possibilities. And, when you create possibilities, good things happen. Mentored youth are more likely to stay in school, make smarter, safer behaviour choices and have stronger relationships with their parents, peers and community. Click here to make an investment ...