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Physical Literacy

Just like reading and writing, children have to learn how to move


Physical Literacy / PLAY / Satellite SOAR

Physical literacy is not just about sports, it is about giving children and youth the opportunity to succeed in living a happy healthy life.

Physical Literacy Programs, including PLAY (Physical Literacy for All Youth) and Satellite SOAR (Social Opportunities Activities and Relationships), provide 7-to-14-year-old boys and girls with mentoring and fun, using a physical literacy approach. Program areas of focus include:

  • learning fundamental movement skills;
  • exploration and opportunity to play with different objects and sports equipment;
  • basic instruction and opportunities for active play; and,
  • opportunity to practice skill development.

*NOTE: Physical Literacy Programs are inclusive of persons with any and all level of athletic abilities.

Time Commitment

Physical Literacy Programs are hosted for one hour each week, on school property, after school. Programs run in 10-14 week sessions. Its members do not meet over the summer break or during other school holidays.

The program strives to do the following:

  • provide a role model and a friend for girls and boys;
  • instill physical literacy fundamentals in youth to encourage life-long interest and participation in physical activity;
  • provide a group format to motivate children physically, intellectually and socially;
  • increase self-esteem, self-awareness, self-confidence and self -worth through a positive group experience; and above all
  • make a difference while having fun.


When children have the opportunity to learn a wide range of physical skills, they acquire the basic building blocks that will give them the competence and confidence to try many different physical adventures and sports.

Studies have shown that children who are physically literate may have improved health and self-confidence, better grades, be happier, as well as possess better fitness levels and stronger bones and muscles. 

  Physical Literacy Programs are proudly supported by


 Ontario Sport and Recreation Communities Fund

RBC Learn to Play Project

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