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100 Years 100 Reasons

Everyone has a reason to mentor. What’s yours?
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In celebration of Big Brothers Big Sisters national centennial in 2013, we are celebrating 100 Years and 100 Reasons to mentor.

100 Years 100 Reasons is a volunteer recruitment campaign celebrating volunteerism and mentoring. By showcasing our existing volunteers, parents, guardians and staff, we hope to promote the impact of mentoring and encourage volunteerism.

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100 Years 100 Reasons - #1-20

Reason #1 - "I have a grown up son [and] no grandchildren, so it was my chance to have some fun with a little girl and do 'girl things' (like manicures, drawing, talking)."

- JoAnne, In-School Mentor, 8 years

Reason #2 - "I became a Big Brother because at a young age I did not have a positive male role model in my life. Before I was a teen my Mom re-married to a great man who became my mentor and I wanted to do the same to a child in need."

- Jaime, Volunteer Big Brother, 14 years

Reason #3 - "Having never seen a mentor while growing up, I realized how much joy I could bring someone by giving up just a couple hours a week."

- Timothy, In-School Mentor, 5 months

Reason #4 - "I have been lucky enough to witness matches from a distance, over time - mentoring works!"

- Marianne Noakes, Executive Director, 19 years

Reason #5 - "Knowing that I am leaving behind a positive impact in the world."

-Stella, Summer Buddies Mentor, 2 months  

Reason #6 - "I feel I'm not only giving back but receiving just as much or more through the little girl that I've had the privilege to befriend!"

-Tracy, Volunteer Big Sister, 2.5 years

Reason #7 - "My favorite part of mentoring is witnessing how easy it is to put a smile on a kids face. Every time we meet it is my personal challenge to get a quick smile from him. I have yet to fail."

- Jay, In-School Mentor, 20 years

Reason #8 - "I didn’t have a male figure in my life growing up."

- Mike, Volunteer Big Brother, 16 months

Reason #9 - "It may not be possible for one person to change the world, but you truly can change someones world."

- Brittney, Big Sister Volunteer, 2 months

Reason #10 - "I believe in the adults of tomorrow, and the mission, vision and values of Big Brothers Big Sisters."

- Natalie Michlewicz, Manager of Communications, 1.5 years

Reason #11 - “What I enjoyed most was being able to be an inspiration to others. The biggest thing I wanted to accomplish was to have an impact on the kids in a positive way, one that they would never forget!”

- George, Summer Buddies Mentor, Summer 2013

Reason #12 - "My motivation: I couldn't imagine having grown up without a male influence/mentor in my life."

- Ted, Volunteer Big Brother, 17 years

Reason #13 - "I wanted to be the positive female role model that my sister and mother were for me to a girl in need."

- Dana, Volunteer Big Sister, 4.5 years

Reason #14 -"I continue to volunteer because I can't imagine not being a volunteer. It started as something that I did and has become something that I am."

- Carolyn, Volunteer Big Sister, 8 years

Reason #15 - “I enjoyed watching each of the kids grow and develop over time. Everyone influenced one another, both the mentors to the mentees and vice versa”

- Matthew, Summer Buddies Mentor, Summer 2013

Reason #16 - "My older brother was a huge influence and made a big impact on me growing up. I wanted to do the same for someone else."

- John, Volunteer Big Brother, 2.5 years

Reason #17 - "My little sister is the reason I will continue to volunteer. She has positively changed my life as much as I have changed hers."

- Tayler, Volunteer Big Sister, 8 months

Reason #18 - "Kylie is my favourite part about volunteering. I couldn't have found a sweeter sister."

- Lisa, Volunteer Big Sister, 3 years

Reason #19 - "[My favourite part about volunteering is] the fact that it helps keep me feeling young"

- Winn, Volunteer Big Brother, 8 years

Reason #20 - "Big Brothers Big Sisters programs and services are important because they give kids in our community the chance to achieve their goals and dreams."

- Kiara Fracassi, Development and Event Coordinator, 1.5 years

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