Brian and Nick

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Eight years of fun - "Too many memories to choose just one," says Big Brother Brian.

September 2015 - It’s been nearly 8 years since Big Brother Brian and Little Brother Nick were matched. Within that time, Nick has grown from a child into a young man.

When they were first met, Nick was 9; now he is 17. Big Brother Brian remembers the first time he picked Nick up in his car. Brian jokes, “His feet didn’t touch the floor of the passenger seat. Today, he has to push the seat all the way back to get into the car!” Just like Nick, the duo’s bond has grown and matured.

In 2007, Brian decided to become a Big Brother because he wanted to positively impact someone in need. Growing up, Brian was well-aware of the organization and respected what it aimed to achieve. His Grandfather, then the Executive Director of the Port Hope, ON agency, taught him the importance of the organization’s work. “Having lost my father at age 12, I also know first-hand the importance of having a positive role model growing up,” he explained.

In his career, Brian is a prosecutor. He encounters troubled individuals in courtrooms every day. “It is no secret that in most situations, their troubles began as a result of issues at home or school, and because of a lack of a positive influence in their lives.” Brian wanted to become a mentor to be a positive impact in a child’s life. Little did he know that becoming Nick’s Big Brother was the start of much more than he could have anticipated.

“I wanted to volunteer with Big Brothers to try to have that positive impact on someone in need,” he explains. “What ended up happening, though, is that Nick has had even more of an impact on me!  He is such a positive, intelligent, courageous and hilarious young man who continues to make me proud and laugh every time I see him.”

When asked if he thinks he has positively impacted Nick’s life,

Big Brother Brian modestly answers: “I like to think I have managed to be a positive influence in his life, but as I said before, he is such a great young man. He has impressed me much more than I could ever impress him. He achieves excellent grades in school, has a quick wit, and provides amazing support to his mother.”

During their time together, Nick and Brian have made lots of memories and experienced many adventures together. Brian says they have “too many great memories to choose just one [favourite]. Nick and I have been to almost every type of sporting event. From Toronto Maple Leafs, Blue Jays, TFC, Tiger-Cats and Argonaut games, to meeting the Raptors at the Air Canada Centre. We even met the Harlem Globetrotters!” Through all their fun, Brian says that some of their best memories are everyday activities, like - simply hanging out, going to movies, playing video games.

When asked what does being a Big Brother mean to you, Brian responded: “To me, being a Big Brother means quite simply, being a mentor.  It does not require you to be a hero or a celebrity, but instead, be someone who can answer questions, give life advice when necessary, and be there as a friend for those big moments (good and bad).”

Brian became involved with Big Brothers Big sisters in 2007, and then soon after in 2010 joined the agency’s Board of Directors. The reason Brian became and remained involved: “Big Brothers Big Sisters has profound effect on thousands of youth. It is a charity with a specific focus – to inspire and empower children and youth to reach their potential, both as individuals and citizens.”

Brian and Nick’s match will officially close through our agency next year as he turns 18-years-old. Despite the fact that their match will be ending ‘on paper,’ Brian says, “I’m confident we will continue to be friends going forward.  I’m excited to see all of the great things he will achieve.”


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