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Jordan and Emanuele

Emanuele and Jordan 

Six years strong - Meet Big Brother Emanuele and Little Brother Jordan

September 2012 - Think back to March 2006. For many of us, it’s not easy to remember back that far. After all, a lot can change in six years. For Little Brother Jordan and Big Brother Emanuele, many things have changed. Matched in March 2006, the pair has literally grown together. They have not only physically and mentally grown up, but the strength of their bond has also grown.

When Big and Little met, Jordan was in grade 3. At the time, Emanuele says that Jordan was a bit shy; Jordan admits that he was lonely. Since then, Jordan has grown into a confident, mature and responsible 15-year-old.

Six years later, both Big and Little find it difficult to imagine life without each other – they have become like family. “I kind of thought he would be like an older friend, but now he’s like family,” says Jordan, adding “I’ve not only gotten to know Manny, but have also gotten close to his sister, family, friends and grandparents.” In fact, both Big and Little call each other’s mothers “Mom.” Emanuele explained that his parents treat Jordan like another family member.

Jordan’s mother, Jennifer, agrees that Emanuele has become more than a ‘Big Brother:’ “It’s not just cut off at the two of them - his family has become like our family.” When Emanuele’s sister was recently married, Jordan and his mother shared in the wedding festivities.

Throughout the years, Emanuele and Jordan have shared many memories – “You name it; we’ve done it,” says Jordan, listing bowling, Playdium, hockey, swimming, Adventure Village, the Science Centre and the Toronto Zoo in the mix.

Among their favourite pastimes are attending sports games together. In 2007, they attended the Calder Cup when the Hamilton Bulldogs won the AHL Championships. Aside from attending professional sports games, Emanuele takes much pride in watching Jordan play sports, and often attends his sporting events. “I like seeing him excel in things he’s trying to do,” Emanuele explains. And Jordan admits that “Manny has definitely given me confidence to do better in school and sports.”

As any relationship develops in time, so did theirs. Emanuele explains that there is more understanding in their relationship now. While they are both very busy (Jordan recently started working at his first job, and Emanuele works long hours of shift-work), they do not always get to see each other as much; however they talk on the phone often. “Now as we get older, he calls me more and more,” Emanuele explained – “I’m someone he can turn to.”

Jordan imagines what his life could have been like without Emanuele. He says that things could have been a lot worse without Emanuele’s positive influence. Jordan attributes avoiding the paths of drugs and alcohol to Emanuele. “He’s the most positive role model in my life, and always the first person I go to,” says Jordan.

Twenty-seven-year-old Emanuele aspires to be a police officer. Jordan admits that this makes him even more of a positive influence. “I try to follow his footsteps as much as I can … he’s pretty cool and successful,” says Jordan.

Jordan hopes to do an apprenticeship after high school to be a millwright in electricity or carpentry, and is definitely on the right track. He explains an analogy of the mentoring role Emanuele has played in his life: “It’s kind of like building a house. My mom laid the foundation and Manny went from there. My mom gave me the right values, and Manny reinforces them.”

Both Emanuele and Jordan agree that they have built a lifelong bond among each other. Although our Agency ‘officially closes’ our Traditional Matches at 18, Emanuele and Jordan plan to always hang out and keep in touch.

They are not just “like brothers,” says Emanuele – “I’d say I’m like a best friend.” And the best part of their mentoring relationship, says Jordan, “Now I actually have someone no matter what.”


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