Kyle and Jesse

Kyle and Jesse 

Big Brother things Pink

March 2013 -There are many character traits that define a good role model, mentor and a friend. Hard-working, optimistic, caring, brave and heroic are a few that describe Big Brother Kyle, who literally could not be a better influence for his Little Brother Jesse.

Aside from being a Big Brother, 23-year-old Kyle is a varsity athlete and Commerce student at McMaster. Kyle will soon be embarking on a three-month bike ride across Canada to raise awareness and fundraise for Breast Cancer research.

The cross country journey beginsin Cape Spear, Newfoundland on May 16 and will continue for three months as Kyle makes his way to B.C. “I will be making the trip solo, bring everything that I need with me and strap it to my bike, including my tent and maintenance kit,” Kyle explains. Little Brother Jesse “thinks it’s a great idea,” and is excited about the ride. Kyle explains, when he showed his Little Brother the cross country route, Jesse exclaimed “wow” and could hardly believe how far Kyle is riding his bike.  

Kyle is a second generation Big Brother. He was inspired to volunteer after his father taught him the benefits, importance and philosophy behind mentoring. His volunteerism and civic commitment are clearly great influences for Jesse. Eight-year-old Jesse is very supportive of his Big Brother’s venture, in fact – Jesse plans to join Kyle on route when his journey brings him to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation in Toronto.  

“The plan is for him to ride a little bit with me after the event as I continue on toward Thunder Bay,” Kyle explains, adding “And I could not be happier to have his company, even if it is for just a little bit during this long ride!”

The motivation behind Kyle’s cross country bike ride was when breast cancer struck his inner circle two years ago. “I have witnessed the impact of this disease. It is a traumatic event. I am working to make a positive change so that women and families do not have to go through the pain that comes with breast cancer,” Kyle explained.

Kyle and his Little Brother Jesse have been matched for nearly three years. Within that time, Jesse admits that he not only looks at Kyle as a friend, but he also feels like a real big brother. Among their many memories, Jesse’s favourite thing to do with Kyle is eat chicken wings. Aside from that – the duo enjoy playing sports, reading or just hanging out.

In the years they have been matched, Kyle has noticed significant changes in Jesse – both socially and academically. “Jesse has done a great job in taking an active role with his family, friends and school,” Kyle says explaining, “I am proud of his efforts to do better.”

Although Jesse is saddened that Kyle will be gone for the summer, the duo plans to Skype as much as they can.

At BBBS, we could not be more proud to recognize one of our volunteers for this commendable fundraising initiative. Good luck, Kyle! For more information about Kyle’s fundraising bike ride or to support him on this initiative, please visit:


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