Matt and Isaiah

Isaiah and Matt

One year into their match, Isaiah says, “Matt is a positive influence in my life”

September 2014 - Big Brother Matt and Little Brother Isaiah were matched in October of 2013. The year has gone by quickly, and both Isaiah and Matt said it’s been amazing.

“Matt has been with us for a short time but has made such an impact. I truly am thankful for having Matt here for Isaiah!” says Shannon, Isaiah’s Mom.

Shannon signed Isaiah up for the Traditional Match program because she wanted him to have a positive male influence in his life. Matt, a Social Worker at McMaster Hospital, has proven to be the perfect match for Isaiah.

The two were matched because they both have a strong interest in sports. Little Brother Isaiah is an accomplished athlete, so sports are a significant part of his life. Over the year, their connection has grown and Matt is proud to say that Isaiah now feels comfortable enough to not only talk sports, but also talk about school and life. Matt played an important role in helping Isaiah choose what high school to attend; he feels proud that Isaiah trusts him enough to ask for advice.

Over the past year, many activities have been shared between Isaiah and Matt including attending countless sports games, playing basketball at the YMCA, going to the movies, playing Xbox and dinners at Matt’s house. Sometimes they just hang out and relax. Big Brother Matt says this is nice because it reminds him how important it is to just relax and have fun.

Matt is a huge supporter of his Little Brother’s athletic accomplishments. This April, Isaiah’s basketball team won the provincial title and he made it to the pre-national championships this past June. In July, he represented Canada at the CANUSA Games in Michigan. Matt tries to make it to every game - he even travelled to Pittsburgh to watch the provincial game championships. Isaiah said that he appreciates Matt even more now because he knows that Matt was willing to travel all the way to Pittsburgh to watch him play basketball.

Isaiah’s mother is grateful for Matt and said that he “brightens Isaiah’s days with his reliability and support.” Shannon is also thankful that Matt is so consistent, never saying “no” to hang-ing out - this support has helped Isaiah greatly.

Isaiah is equally grateful for his Big Brother. He said, “Matt is a positive influence in my life; he is really support-ive in the things I do.”

When Matt applied to be a Big Brother he wasn’t sure exactly what to expect - he didn’t want another “faceless volunteering task.” He has learned that becoming a Big Brother is much more than that. Matt’s relation-ship with Isaiah has flourished into more than a volunteer position; he feels that his Little Brother is a significant part of his life. Aside from this, Matt feels like he gets just as much benefit out of the relationship as Isaiah does. Both agree that meeting each other has


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